Grow & manage low frequency products

Learn ICED theory®, a logical and rigorous way to manage your low frequency consumer product.
low-freq-ue-n-cy-products  /n: Products where consumers don’t transact regularly.
Vivek Kumar
ex-VP Product - PropertyGuru, Previously at Amazon, PayPal, Intuit


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Accelerate the growth of your low frequency product

Managing a low frequency product is hard given that you get a small window of time with the consumers.

In this 16-hour-long intense workshop covering close to 30+ consumer infrequent products such as jobs, dating, taxes, etc, Vivek will distill the practical strategies to products where consumers transact infrequently.

What product experts have to say

The low-frequency product management workshop is gripping, riveting, and intense. Don’t miss it!
Ajay Datta
LinkedIn Product Head, India
Vivek has a wealth of product experience. Any PM would be lucky to learn from him.
Principal Group PM, Microsoft
Vivek is a product leader who has been with startups to scale-ups to the big companies. He is best at articulating the craft of managing infrequent products.
Gaurav Tandon
Head of Product, Grab
Twelve years of his life story condensed into this short workshop. You will learn from someone who shipped, failed, and succeeded.
CPO, Terrascope
Vivek is a powerhouse of knowledge. He is the right start to your PM career.
Product Leader, Meta
ICED theory unlocks real potential of an infrequent/low-frequency products. Must learn.
Andrew McGlinchey
Ex-Product Leader, Indeed

Who is this workshop for?

Entry-level Product Managers

You’re less than a couple of years into your PM career and want to level up.

Product Leader

You are a PM leader responsible for scaling the products.


You are a founder at an early stage figuring product market for your business.

Topics ICED Theory workshop will cover

We’ll go in-depth on the following topics:
And we will spend time covering some particular topics as well:

Meet the product leader, who has lead and managed low frequency products over twelve years!

Vivek is a seasoned product leader with over 18 years of experience and over a dozen years in product management of low-frequency products.

Vivek was instrumental in scaling the product team at PropertyGuru to be outcome oriented and was part of a team that grew 7x in revenue in a short span of time leading to a successful IPO.

Before PropertyGuru, Vivek was a successful product leader at Intuit, managing their flagship product, Turbo Tax (desktop), generating half a billion dollar revenue annually.

He was also part of the core team that launched Amazon in India and the first unbanked product at PayPal.

Why us?

Vivek has trained more than 1000 product folks in Asia.

Vivek has been coaching and teaching for a decade and has impacted close 1000 PMs across Asia.. He believes product management is best learned by thinking in first principles. ICED theory will tease your ability to think differently around low frequency products.

Gaining real-world skills will make you PM. Not certificates.

Our curriculum is designed to give you the tools to do the job, not a certificate that qualifies you for the job. We focus on practical aspects that make you adept at working on the problems of an infrequent product.

You will have enough knowledge to build a product and crack an interview.

Vivek has interviewed hundreds of product managers across various companies. You will learn concepts in a step-by-step and simple-to-understand manner, so that you can ace your current product and future interviews.

The course goes in-depth rather than the surface.

Product management is nothing but a way of thinking. Our material is a culmination of years of experience at top companies in various stages, from startups to scale-ups to enterprises.

Learn ICED theory, a rigorous practical approach to grow your low-frequency product


The nuances of understanding customers in a low-frequency product

Understanding infrequent behaviours of customers is not so straightforward. We will spend some time uncovering the nuances of uncovering insights.


How to frame customer problems better than the usual painkillers and vitamins

We will learn about BELT, a framework to understand and classify customer problems. Further, we will learn a bit about framing these problems in the right way.


The anatomy of the value proposition for a low-frequency product

We will learn about OPEN, an approach to craft value propositions for the problems classified using BELT.


The problems with managing and growing a low-frequency product

We will understand what are the problems and issues around low-frequency products.


I of ICED theory as a solution to navigate your growth story

We will understand what are the problems and issues around low-frequency products.


C of ICED theory as a solution to navigate your growth story

We will gain understanding of the role of control over experience in a low frequency product.


E of ICED theory as a solution to navigate your growth story

The most crucial of all the four dimensions is E. We will unpack various components that affect engagement and look at strategies to navigate the aspect of engagement.


D of ICED theory as a solution

We will look at factors that make a product distinguishable from other products. The last thing that you want in a low frequency product is being non-differentiated.


ICED theory canvas

We bring it all home using ICED theory canvas, a tool to plot your strategy and connect it to clear outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This course was built for full-time professionals. Vivek will lead the Zoom workshops. Just an interactive and good attendance of these sessions will suffice.
We will provide access to recordings for 90 days post the course. So in case, if you miss the session, you can watch the recording and not miss a beat.
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